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The top 5 reasons to work in health care
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The top 5 reasons to work in health care

  • More jobs available than most other fields.

Girl looking in the mirrorThere are more than 16 million jobs in the health care industry. The number of jobs continues to grow because of the large number of aging Americans.  The increasing demand for health care means there are many career options for students of all backgrounds, education levels, and skills. Health care is a very stable industry, which means fewer layoffs, more job stability, and more security for your family.

More Openings than Graduates

More Graduates than Openings

1. Registered nurses

1. Historians & archivists

2. Elementary teachers

2. Accountants & auditors

3. Computer systems analysts

3. Graphic designers

4. Software engineers

4. Clinical psychologists

5. Clergy

5. Journalists

6. Health services managers

6. Art directors

7. Pharmacists

7. Advertising executives

8. Clinical lab technicians

8. Film & video editors

9. Training & development

9. Archaeologists


  • Potential to earn a lot of money. 

Many of the highest-paying careers in the United States are in the medical field. If your son or daughter stays in college to pursue advanced healthcare degrees, they can increase their earnings by many millions over their lifetime. There are even plenty of high-paying jobs for students who want to complete only a year or two of training after high school. The more education and work experience they get, the more money they can make. 

According to a 2008 Texas Workforce Commission report, the top-paying majors in Texas one year after students graduate with either a bachelor’s or associate’s degree, are:

College Major

Degree Earned (Years of School)

Average Annual Pay

1. Health Professions/Clinical Sciences

Bachelor’s (4)


2.  Engineering

Bachelor’s (4)


3.  Health Professions/Clinical Sciences

Associate’s (2-3)


  • More flexible shifts available.

There are very few professions like health care that give people the flexibility to take care of their families while building their career. In some health careers, with each training certificate or degree completed, there are opportunities to promote into a higher level position. The health care field is also great for working parents. Many jobs allow a person to set their own schedule and work evening or night shifts. Individuals may also be able to work longer shifts to have more days off each week.

  • Opportunity to give back.

Whatever healthcare career your child chooses, they will be helping others and making an impact in their community. Being a healthcare professional can be personally rewarding in more ways than just making money. This is a career field that offers the opportunity to save lives, discover solutions to problems facing the community—and even the nation, and to serve families and communities everyday.

  • Fun and exciting career path.

Because healthcare jobs are in such high demand, the training and work experience gained are very valuable assets to have. Many professionals become top experts in their field, are sought out by hospitals and companies, and travel around the nation teaching others. Whether your child wants to become an expert in their career field and work on a national or international level or would rather focus their work in their local community, it never gets boring working in this industry with each day bringing different things to do. They also have an opportunity to meet new people and work in a variety of settings. Every day can provide a different experience.

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