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What is the difference between a job and a career?

Often the words “job” and “career” are used so interchangeably that the differences between them are confused.  There are significant differences and meaning behind the two terms.  It is all in the view that a person has about their work.  Any job can be a career—if that is work that a person wants to do many years of their life. 

Clinical LabOften, a job is a means to an end.  A job usually has a short-term goal:  typically people get a job to pay the bills, to help pay for college tuition, to buy a car, or to have extra spending money   A job is a task-oriented position that assists with reaching the goals and outcomes of a business; but a job may not be part of a person’s long-term life goals.

A career is something that a person must plan and prepare for—including getting the training and education needed. It takes a lot of dedication and drive.  To build a career, a person must be able to look ahead to the different available options and set goals for what they want to accomplish.  They must be able understand the steps needed to reach their goals.    The road to building a career can have both successes and sometimes even failures or setbacks—but a person with a “career” mindset seeks out ways to overcome challenges to reach the goals they have set for themselves.

More importantly, a career is something that is exciting and draws on a person’s strengths Your job—whatever work you do—can be your career if it is the work that is the best fit for you and is what you want to do each day. 

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