High School Classes

High School Classes
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In Texas, educators have worked to develop a tool to help students make wise education choices. The program, called AchieveTexas (link to http://www.achievetexas.org), offers resources to help schools and students develop individual education plans to help high school students prepare for education after high school, for their career, and for a lifetime as a productive citizen.
They have recommended “Programs of Study” for many careers in each of the 16 industries. We’ve provided links to these different Programs of Study below. Some careers have more than one option, depending on your specific interests.
You can find these Programs of Study on the Health Career Roadmaps (link to our main roadmap page), as well.
These can be a great tool for you to use to talk with your high school counselor about the classes that you need to take to reach your goal. Be aware that these are “guides,” and not every school may offer all of the recommended classes. If that is the situation at your school, do not worry. Just talk to your counselors and teachers—they’ll help you set up the classes you need to achieve your education and career goals.

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