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The Military as an Option for Your Child

The Military as an Option for Your Child
There is also a demand for skilled health care professionals in the armed forces for students who are considering the militarySoldier as a career. But to pursue these health careers within the military, specific training is still required.

For many students, the military offers an opportunity to gain experiences and prepare for their future career directly after high school, and provides them with the opportunity to pursue college training after military service. There are also options for young people to go to college before they join the military. Both options—military service before or after completing college—have different benefits for young people. You and your child should talk about the benefits of military service and how best to meet your child’s long-term career goals.

Go to the high school counselor’s office to get brochures and ask questions about the steps and process for joining the military. You and your child may be able to talk to a local recruiter about military options.

Military benefits for those enrolled in college

If your teenager goes to college and enrolls in a military preparatory program while in college, such as ROTC, he or she can receive:

  • Financial assistance from the military for college tuition, books, or tutors while going to college.
  • Money from the military to help with monthly living expenses while going to college.
  • Officer training and the opportunity to learn about military programs through ROTC.

Graduating from college and entering the military

Once your student graduates from college, he can get these benefits if he enters the military afterwards:

  • Several thousands of dollars towards the repayment of any student loans taken out for college.
  • A military ranking as a commissioned officer with more privileges and better pay than as an enlisted soldier.
  • A cash bonus to join the military after completing college.

As a parent, you need to learn about the government programs that are available to assist with paying for your child’s college and teaching them to prepare for the military. For example, visit to learn more about the GI Bill, which provides money for college.

ROTC programs are offered in both high school and college. These programs show students what a life in the military is like and teach them leadership skills, but they do NOT require a student to join the military after completing the program*.

* There is not a commitment for enrolling in the Basic Course, unless your child has received an ROTC scholarship. Receiving an ROTC scholarship or entering the ROTC advanced course does carry a commitment of service in the military. Be sure to check with your local recruiting office to find out the specific responsibilities and requirements for each branch of the military.

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